Enter the
Apes Planet World

Set off on an exciting journey through an advanced spatial computing metaverse, taking you into the next era of immersive experiences.

Olympus of the Eternal Victory

At the heart of Apes Planet, you'll find the Olympus of Eternal Victory. A virtual reality hub that links users to a range of captivating games through magical portals, providing immersive experiences.

Build your own land
on the Olympus

A creative and immersive experience in which users can buy land in the Olympus world and build shops, farms, houses, and more.


Buy your plot

Buy your own plot in the Olympus world and begin the journey of building structures that will redefine the way you engage with the digital universe.


Unlock your creativity

The shops located within Olympus will grant you access to exclusive structures and artworks, unlocking your creativity and assisting you in crafting your own unique space.


Expand you network

Share your creation with the vibrant community that lives within the Olympus world. Showcase your innovation,and creativity to a large audience.

Create your own 3D spatial world

Create your own virtual world, game, event room, or anything else that your creativity can imagine using the Apes Planet SDK.

VR Metaverse
A Virtual World

A Virtual World Through spatial computing in VR gaming, players can interact with and transform the game environment in a more natural and intuitive way, creating an even deeper level of immersion and engagement.

  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • Developing an Emotional Connection
  • Inspiring Creativity and Innovation
  • Spatial Interactivity

AI: Elevate the
User's Experience

Apes Planet incorporates Artificial Intelligence, creating an improved and expanded the spatial computing metaverse in a variety of ways, making it more intelligent, interactive, and personalized.

  • Intuitive NPCs and Avatars
  • Personalization and Recommendation Systems
  • Generating Real-Time Content
  • Natural Language Interaction
  • Smart Object Interactions
  • Data Analysis and Insights
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving

Backed By


Carmelo Ippolito

Apes Planet CEO

Since 2019, he has been an entrepreneur in the blockchain industry, starting with Trustworks, then helping various projects to build the foundation in the early stages of their development. He and his team designed Apes Planet NFT from the ground up in 2021 to bring an adventure and fighting P2E game based on 7,777 Apes Warriors to the crypto market.

Nicola Palmieri

VR Engineer

Nicola Palmeri is a filmmaker and computer scientist specializing in Virtual Reality and Multimedia. In his filmmaker career, he has won 23 awards around the world and one of his short films was recently acquired by the Italian mainstream media RaiCinema. As part of a Virtual Reality Project, he also collaborated with Thales Alenia Space, a leading company in space infrastructures, scientific satellites and probes for explorers of the universe. From the very beginning, he is responsible for handling creative aspects as well as many in-game mechanisms in Apes Planet's games and videos.

Calarco Giuseppe

Project Developer

Giuseppe has been involved in web-side communication for 20 years at 360°, performing various tasks both as a freelancer and for communication agencies, over the years. His work has included developing websites in various programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, React, Angular, React Native, as well as PHP and nodeJs or NestJs on the backend. Through advertising platforms, he has implemented communication strategies such as Google ads and Facebook business manager.

Affan Khan

Blockchain Developer

A blockchain engineer from Pakistan working on exciting decentralized applications. A contributor to the web3.0 revolution through the development of various Dapps. Aside from that, he has previously worked on startups called BitcoinPK and RetinaVR. Currently runs a Blockchain agency, "DAPPOMATICS" that offers services such as:
  • - Bockchain Consultancy
  • - Solidity Contracts
  • - DAO Governance Contract
  • - Customized Blockchain Development
  • - Decentralize Applications
  • - NFT Marketplaces
  • - Solana Development

Luis Perez

Art Director

Has been working from more than 15 years in advertising agency stablished in USA, México and Spain, working for companies such as Coca Cola, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Studios, Amazon, Dell, Lego, Nike, Tv Azteca, Sony Pictures, Yamaha, Scotiabank, Nestlé, Danone, Axa, Fiesta Inn and many others.

Robson Cavalcante

Conceptual Art

Robson has spent more 10 years working as professional illustrator specialized in game desgin and art, from lineart to flat colors, cell shading and render illustration. Has been recognized in Brasil as one of the most talented conceptual artist by local technology news.
  • - Provides conceptual art from sketch.
  • - Whole story around the concept and illustrations.
  • - Landscape and scenarios concepts.

Saqib Ayaz

Business Developer

A tech entrepreneur with a diversified portfolio and an enthusiast for cutting-edge technology research and development.Over 20 years of experience working with blockchains, cloud computing, metaverse, machine learning, agile development, and corporate IT.

Moeez Shah

Game Developer

Experienced 23-year-old senior game developer with a bachelor's degree in software engineering devising optimization strategies for Unreal Engine and Unity.
  • - Developing new methodologies of timing development.
  • - Expertise in using APIs to connect to backend servers.
  • - Managing clients, negotiating, and dealing with them.
  • - Ensure quality by performing SQA.
  • - Game development for single and multiplayer games.

Aasir Rafi

3D Artist

27 year old 3D environment artist and level designer with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science creating level layouts and POI accordingly to game themes. Some of his skills and tasks are:
  • - Texture design expert.
  • - Make sure levels are easy to understand, challenging, and accessible so player has a positive experience.
  • - A great level and graphics optimizer.
  • - Ensure that all elements produced on the map are integrated.

Hassan Noor

Game Developer

Educated in Computer Science with an emphasis in Multiplayer Game Development, a progressive 22-year-old game developer familiar with Unreal Engine and Unity.
  • - Optimizing memory, CPU, and GPU performance.
  • - Game sound and animation design.
  • - Provide outstanding logic for games.

Tanya Ayaz

Game Developer

nnovative 22 year old Unreal Engine/Unity game developer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science who handles single and multiplayer game development, as well as game scripts and storyboards.
  • - Focused on translating requirements into complex and clean efficient outputs.
  • - In-depth knowledge of UI design within games.
  • - Establish a unit testing and validation procedure to ensure quality.

Breaking Crypto

Marketing Agency

CEO at HireMeCrypto.com - Crypto’s Leading marketing agency. Has a wealth of industry knowledge, having worked with many of the top 100 cryptocurrency projects. Now a full time strategist for Ape Planet.

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